Quincy Valley School

Key Program Components

  • Strong core curriculum
  • Highly-qualified teachers
  • Enriched and Integrated Curriculum
  • Uniform dress
  • Balance in assessment and homework
  • Exempt from WASL
  • Community interaction
  • Parental involvement
  • Safe, values-based classes
  • Academic preschool
Field study at Quincy Valley School

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Learning is our Focus

Quincy Valley School Staff

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Top Row

  • Mrs. Ruth Royer- 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Sara Tuttle- Headmaster
  • Ms. Amy Evens- Business Manager & Classroom Assistant
  • Ms. Jenn Lerma- Librarian and Classroom Assistant
  • Mrs. Rachelle Van Dyke- Pre-K & Kindergarten Teacher

Bottom Row

  • Ms. Megan Kooistra- 7th and 8th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Holly Van Dyke- 5th and 6th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Shannon Poldervart- 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher


Solid Academics:

Each class level at QVS has a custom designed curriculum, based on tried and true methods. Core subjects, such as reading and math, use the finest available programming, with emphasis on real mastery of concepts. High priority is given to communication, both verbal and written, and we have an integrated Preschool – 8th grades scope, based on enriched study in history, science, geography, economics, civics, art, music, foreign language and physical education. Field study is regular and future study trips are planned. Letter grades are used in middle school with ongoing assessment of true skills mastered in Preschool – 4th grades. Regular and focused communication with parents is an important part of our program.

Strong Values:

We have daily guided lessons on key character qualities and practical application built into our day. Students also participate in several community projects during the year.

Supportive Environment:

We feel strongly that children will thrive and learn in a supportive environment, with structure and encouragement given in big doses. We also want to support parents by communicating well and often with them, providing opportunities to learn skills to use at home, and including them in the daily life of our school. A parent newsletter, open-door policy with staff, and parental volunteering are part of our weekly routine.

What About Cost?

The bottom line: Our commitment is strong. We hope others will join us.

Our goal is to make this as afford-able as possible. We want our dollars to be used for the important things, such as highly-qualified staff and resources, and we attempt to keep operating costs down as much as possible.

According to the Center for Educational Reform the average private school tuition in WA. State for grades K – 8th grade is over $8,000. Our goal has always been to keep our rates as low as possible. Our incorporation as a non-profit will help in the long-term and provide for donations and scholarship assistance.